Through the latter years of the 1950’s a group of local Mosman Park residents applied to the Mosman Park Road Board to lease a tract of land in Mosman Park for use as a nine hole golf course. In August 1959 this approval was granted and work began on construction of the Mosman Park Golf Club. As with most golf courses of this era much of the work was done on a voluntary basis led by the Club’s foundation members. The original course was designed by local Golf Professional, Neville Johnson, and for the most part, remains very similar today.

In late 1959 the name of the Club was changed to Chidley Point Golf Club and the “Fleur de Lys” the Chidley family emblem adopted as the Club logo. Captain Chidley Irwin arrived in the Swan River Colony with the first Governor, Captain James Stirling. Irwin was commander of the Sixty Third Regiment – later absorbed by the Manchester Regiment which bore the Fleur de Lis as its emblem. Captain Chidley Irwin was the first to set foot on the point which now bears his name.

The course was officially opened in March, 1962.

In 2000, the Club reverted to its original name, Mosman Park Golf Club.

In 2007, the Committee, cognisant of the need to modernise the course, engaged leading Perth golf course architect, Michael Coate to draw up a master plan for the renewal of the layout. To date, fairway bunkers have been added to several holes and new greens have been built on 1/10 & 9/18.

The Mosman Park Golf Club is a well manicured nine hole golf course that provides a challenge to golfers of all abilities.

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