New Course Care & Etiquette

Plus One

At Mosman Park Golf Club we promote continuous improvement and thereby a “plus one” approach to course care. This simply means we ask you to repair your own divots and pitch marks plus one other where it does not impede the speed of play.  

On the Tee, Fairways and Surrounds

  • After playing your shot, knock in the edges of any divot with a club, do not replace the loose turf. Flatten the repaired divot with your shoe.


  • Always enter bunker at the lowest point and not down the bunker face.
  • Smooth divots with your shoe, then rake sand towards the base of the bunker, not towards the edges.
  • Be considerate of your fellow players and always rake bunker smooth before exiting.
  • Rakes are to be placed outside the bunker parallel to the direction of play.

On the Green

  • Pitch marks – use an appropriate tool to ease the edges of the pitch mark toward the centre, then tap down with your putter. Lifting the centre of the pitch mark tears the roots.
  • Cup – avoid touching the edge of the cup. When the flag is in, remove your ball with your palm facing the flag stick, gripping your ball between your fingers.

Courtesy on the Course

  • The competition of the day has precedence over every other match.
  • 18-hole players progressing from the 9th green to the 10th tee have right of way over 9 hole players. 
  • Players in Club and other approved competitions always have right of way over social players.