COVID-19 Competition & Social Play Terms and Conditions

Following a recent relaxation of government guidelines, we have decided to recommence competition golf at the club whilst continuing to foster social golf.  During the competition hiatus the number of players using the course for exercise via social golf has been outstanding.  We have regularly seen more than 80 players and/or guests on a daily basis enjoying our facilities and we want to continue to encourage that. Competition golf will recommence on Saturday May 9 under the below Terms and Conditions:

  • Competitions will be held on Saturdays for Men and Ladies with 7 Day playing rights; Tuesday and Thursday morning for Ladies and Wednesday and Thursday afternoons for Men.
  • On-line booking sheets remain in use every day and it remains compulsory to book a tee time for either competition or social play. No walk-ups are permitted. On competition days certain times are allocated to either Mens or Ladies competitions, all other times remain available to all membership categories to book social golf.
  • When booking on-line please ensure you are selecting the 9 or 18 hole options. The system defaults to 18 holes if no selection is made, this automatically books you a crossover time for your second nine.
  • Tee time intervals have been increased from 7 to 8 minutes to reduce potential gatherings of players.
  • Do not arrive more than 15 minutes before your tee time and ensure you have left within 15 minutes of finishing play.
  • Play is now permitted in groups of four. Tuesday and Thursday Ladies competitions remain in groups of three.
  • The practise range and pitching area between the 1st tee and 2nd green are not available for use at any time, the putting green may be used, however only within the 15 minute time frame between your arrival and tee time, extended putting practise is not permitted at present.
  • All players must commence from the 1st tee at the designated time. No hole skipping is permitted.
  • The course is not open to the public yet, however members may invite three guests, you will be invoiced separately for the green fees (please ensure the name of your guest/s is booked on-line, it is essential that we know the names of all players on the course at any time. Invoices will be raised and emailed based on bookings so if you do not play please cancel your guest booking).
  • Keep at least two arms lengths (1.5 metres) away from anyone that you encounter on the course or in the car park.
  • BYO alcohol is not permitted for any reason, on the course, in the car park or around the clubhouse, at any time.

Competition Play

  • The Pro Shop remains closed, competition players are to register and print your own scorecard from the Touch Screen terminal which will be located on a trolley and rotated between the Mens and Ladies change rooms. Following play the same terminal is to be used to scan and process your scorecard.
  • Hand sanitiser will be provided at the computer terminal and MUST be used prior to touching the touchscreen.
  • Members will be invoiced on a monthly basis for competition rounds played during the month, so if you book a competition round and for some reason do not play, please ensure that you cancel your name from the system.
  • Pro Shop owned ride-on carts will be made available for hire from Saturday May 9, for those members with a medical requirement to use a cart only, and during competition timeslots only. In accordance with COVID-19 requirements, carts will be disinfected and sanitised daily. Where possible, regular hirers will be allocated the same cart each time. Only one person is permitted to ride per cart.
  • Subject to availability, and Captain’s approval for Saturday play, member introduced guests may play in competition rounds if they have a current GA Handicap but will be ineligible for the major sponsored prize.
  • Competition/prize report will be produced and displayed as normal on the website. No presentations will occur and no results will be published in newspapers.

COVID-19 Temporary Local Rules


In view of concerns about handling and exchanging scorecards, on a temporary basis, members will be permitted to mark their own scorecard in all competitions. It is recommended that you do still record your ‘Markers’ score within the area of the scorecard where a player would normally put their own score. This allows both player and marker to confirm each other’s score at the end of the round. The scorecard only needs to be handled and signed by the player.

Temporary Local Rule

Players are permitted to mark their own scorecard in all competition play thus allowing methods of scoring that do not strictly comply with Rule 3.3b. It is recommended that you do still record your ‘Markers’ score within the area of the scorecard where a player would normally put their own score. Only the player will sign the card before scanning however you are to verbally confirm your score with who would normally be the Marker.


Players are required to the leave the flag sticks in the hole at all times and avoid contact with the flag stick when removing your ball. This is compulsory.

Temporary Local Rule

Players are not permitted to remove the flag stick at any time from the hole. Players must avoid contact as best as possible when removing the ball from the hole. 


Rakes will be removed from the Course from Monday 23rd March and until further notice, preferred lies will be permitted in ALL BUNKERS on the Course.

Temporary Local Rule

If a ball comes to rest in a bunker, a player may lift the ball, smooth out the area with their shoe and replace within one-grip length (approx. 300mm), not nearer the hole. If your ball plugs into the face of a bunker (say hole 7/16) and upon lifting and smoothing the area your ball rolls down the slope of the bunker you may play the ball from where it comes to rest.  You may also lift, smooth and replace the ball in the resulting lie. 


A 300mm painted circle will be included around the hole location on all days of play, signifying a ‘Gimmie” or Conceded Putt is allowed within this area. 

We predict this will lower the number of instances a player will be required to collect their ball from the hole.

Temporary Local Rule

If a ball comes to rest on or within the 300mm circle around the hole, the following shot will count automatically as a conceded putt without being played.

NTP/Long Putt Novelties

For the foreseeable future there will be no NTP, Long Putt or Super Pin novelty prizes with additional vouchers being added to the ‘competition voucher run”.

Temporary Green on Hole 1

There is a sprinkler head located on this green and your ball can be moved (nearest point of relief without penalty and no closer to the hole) if in line with the flagstick.

Members are reminded to exercise Social Distancing measures and avoid physical contact whilst at the Club.

Members who are feeling unwell with fever; flu-like symptoms such as coughing, sore throat and fatigue; and shortness of breath, MUST refrain from coming to the Club and contact your GP immediately for advice.

The Committee recognises the importance of Members being able to enhance your physical and mental wellbeing and to continue to play golf in the current climate, members MUST adhere to these conditions. These conditions reflect current government requirements and directives and the Club may take action against member/s who are deemed to breach these conditions.

Tony Howell

General Manager