Dear Members,

In times such as these it is easy to get despondent and find it difficult to even imagine what our world will look like in the months and years to come.

However the opportunity always exists for us to imagine a future that has preserved many of the things we value highly and to focus and work hard to secure those dreams.

Our golf club is such a thing. It is something we all cherish and we are determined as your committee to work hard to ensure its survival and that it prospers into the future.

In these difficult days I can tell you that there are some very important positives as well as many challenges.

One such positive is that to date we have not received any notification that any of our people (staff, members or guests) have contracted the Covid 19 virus. We are extremely sensitive to this given our member age demographic and I thank all of you for your support and assistance in maintaining high standards of hygiene and for following the government guidelines for social distancing and golf play.

Competition Golf to cease with effect from Today

Whilst we have tried to remain open for competition golf recent changes have been implemented which make it difficult for us to do so.  Specifically:

Under the WA Government’s Preventative Restriction of Activities Direction a person must refrain from undertaking or engaging in an affected activity. An affected activity includes a gathering of two or more people, who do not ordinarily reside at the same premises, for the purposes of participating in a sporting activity.

This means that we are unable to continue to run competitions at MPGC for the foreseeable future as we can only play golf in groups of one (unless playing with spouse/partner).  This of course will be disappointing to all however we will continue to seek advice from Golf Australia, GolfWA as well as the government bodies and monitor the position so we can get back on the course as soon as possible.

Whilst the course will remain open for social golf you are asked to adhere to these “Preventative Restrictions” ie play golf by yourself or with you spouse/partner only.

Unfortunately, the enforced closure of our clubhouse and surrounds as licensed premises has not only disrupted the important social aspects of our club but will also have a significant impact on our finances. Your committee is looking at a number of scenarios, all of which largely depend on the length of time we are closed. We have reviewed our costs and wherever the opportunity exists made cuts. We have had to release a number of our house staff and our loyal and dedicated full time staff have volunteered to reduce their working hours with the commensurate pay cut so as to try to give as many of their colleagues as possible at least a few hours work.

Tony Howell and Prue Carter will continue to work from within our closed clubhouse, for the time being at least. The office is not open to members though, Mondays there will be no one present. Steps are currently underway to ensure remote computer access is available once the time comes for all staff to work from home.

It remains our desire to keep the course in as good a condition as possible given austerity measures and to ensure it can be brought back to good playing condition as soon as play is permitted again.

I am also pleased to report that other longer term initiatives are still being actively pursued.

Today we met again with the TOMP mayor and CEO. If there was ever a time a local Council should bend over backwards to help its sporting clubs survive a global health and economic crisis such as this, then now must surely be that time.

The meeting was positive and constructive and I am hopeful that we can soon reach an agreement on a lease term that gives a fair and reasonable degree of security of tenure as well as a substantial financial contribution to rectifying the current deficiencies in our clubhouse. I am also pleased to report that our team of Richard Hoile, John Bennett and Shane Baker who are in charge of the water project (accessing water from Bicton baths) are continuing to make progress on this game-changing project.

Once we have had the opportunity to complete our detailed analysis of the club’s financial health I will advise you further of our findings and how we believe we should move forward.

In the meantime I wish all of you and your families good health. I look forward to the time when we can recommence our very special club social life at MPGC.

Chris Cronin